Vicki Gunvalson Says Her New Podcast

Vicki Gunvalson Says Her New Podcast

Former Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson is entering a new chapter in her life. After playing in the Bravo series for 14 seasons, the OC GO says she was “ready to go”.

Speaking to People magazine, Gunvalson admitted she had a bit of FOMO since the cast went filming without her, but she admits that the past few years of RHOC filming were really toxic. The 57-year-old added that when something becomes toxic in her life -, relationships or friendships – she has to stop it.

“Personally, I can no longer be on it. I can’t make bad girls. I’m done, ”said Gunvalson. “And around the middle of last year, when my teammate criticized my appearance and called me ugly, I really had a revelation. “What, I’m going to cry every day because you think I’m less than that?” No, I’m not less than. “Vicki Gunvalson Says Her New Podcast & Reality Show Will Feature Her ‘Real Life’ Compared To ‘Fake’ RHOC

Gunvalson announced that she was leaving RHOC in January, and now she’s already gone on a new reality show series with her former co-star Tamra Judge (whom she can’t talk about yet) and she has also launched her new podcast, Whoop It Up with Vicki, who dropped her first episode on March 5.

She says she’s in the right place right now and that she hasn’t missed a beat. Gunvalson says that as long as things continue as they do, her future looks bright and she is “super excited” about what is going to happen.

Gunvalson also likes the fact that his new projects make him mo