Toya Johnson’s Video Featuring Reign

Toya Johnson’s Video Featuring Reign

Toya Johnson managed to make her fans the day she posted this video featuring her little daughter, Reign Rushing. The pretty little girl pretends to be working in an ice cream shop, and you should definitely check how things are going there.

Toya shared a teaser clip on her social media account, but the full video is on YouTube.

“That’s how it works at @ reign_beaux. Toy ‘Toya captioned his IG message.

Tiny Harris’ daughter Zonnique Pullins also jumped into the begin

Someone said, ‘Toya, Reign is NOT worried about your little pieces! She said her sales were still good! She doesn’t need that kind of negative energy in her shop! At the door! ”
Toya Johnson’s Video Featuring Reign Rushing Has Fans Laughing – Check Out Reigny ‘Working’ At The Ice Cream Shop
A follower said, “I love you, Reign, she’s hilarious” goodbye if you don’t want what I offer “, and someone else posted this:” She pointed to the door as ” you can go out, I’m not about to face this today “😭😭 ‘

One fan posted: “ lol, she said if you can’t take what I offer, you can go lol. ”

Another commenter wrote, “I know it brings you so much joy. It brings me joy and I look outside. She takes me out! 😂 She has so much personality. God bless you Reigny. ”

Someone else exclaimed, ‘Oh my God, she’s so cute !! I watched this video, I don’t know how many times. She must make you laugh all the time.

Another fan said: “ Reign is too cute and she is so bright and wise Toya that you do an incredible job raising your hands Mom, you are