The Train Simulator ‘Railway Empire’ Is Pulling

The Train Simulator ‘Railway Empire’ Is Pulling

The game begins in the United States in 1830 and will take players from coast to coast, as well as into a new century. This game is full of realistic features, including economic factors, optimizing transport and managing rail competition. Players will build a rail system through a campaign that presents different challenges and obstacles they must overcome, just like real businesses have done. The players will manage their railway business at different times and use new technologies as soon as they are available thanks to innovation.

In total, there are more than 300 technologies in which the player can invest. This is a compelling incentive to strategize based on the economy and rival businesses. Additionally, there are dozens of locomotives and cars that the player can purchase throughout the game. The Train Simulator ‘Railway Empire’ Is Pulling Up To Nintendo Switch Consoles This February But, with different strengths and weaknesses, it’s up to the player to find the best way to capitalize on each individual item.

A fun feature of the game is the interaction with the competitors. Players will not only deal financially with them, they can hire spies to get information on what they’re doing with their railroad, as well as bandits for a more direct approach.

For players who only want to build, they can play the Construction mode, which allows them to create their railway masterpiece and not be subject to the constraints of the campaign. Railway Empire was released in early 2018 for PC, Xbox One and PS4 and received above-average reviews.

The Nintendo Switch edition will ship with some of the DLCs that have been released for other consoles, allowing players to extend their rail system to Canada, Mexico and across the Andes mountain range.