Nikki Bella Says She Watched Ex-Fiance

Nikki Bella Says She Watched Ex-Fiance

Despite the fact that they are no longer together and have definitely moved on, Nikki Bella did not hesitate to listen to his ex, John Cena’s WrestleMania 36 match yesterday, when he fought Bray Wyatt. The pregnant star of Total Bellas revealed it herself when a fan wondered if she had turned off the television when John appeared.

Well, as mentioned before, she did just the opposite – she actually watched it all!

It makes sense that Nikki wanted to watch WrestleMania 36 last weekend.

After all, many of his close friends and former colleagues in the field were introduced – but so was his ex!

That being said, some of her supporters were curious to know that she had turned off the television as soon as he also appeared in the ring. Nikki Bella Says She Watched Ex-Fiance John Cena’s ‘WrestleMania’ Fight Despite Their Split!

In case you don’t know, spoiler alert, Cena has ended up losing!

As for the fan who got an answer from Nikki, they wondered, “Does Nikki turn off the television during John Cena’s game or does she keep it on and watch?”

“Oh, I’m looking. N, she simply admitted.

Nikki and her twin sister Brie, also pregnant, watched the event in quarantine at home and discussed it with subscribers on social media.

At one point, someone else also wondered what she thought of the match between Cena and Wyatt and she replied that it was: “Interesting, very entertaining! NOT. ‘