Mobile Classic Game CatSpin Now Available

Mobile Classic Game CatSpin Now Available

Mobile games have been around for over a decade, and now the devices support games once available on consoles. Many remember old games that may not have modern graphics, but were still fun and remind me of fond memories.

CatSpin, a puzzle-adventure game released over ten years ago, became popular when it was first released. The game was often featured in the iOS App Store. For years, it was exclusive to Apple devices.

Phure Studios has just announced the release of the game on Android devices. Unfortunately, the game is no longer available on the App Store. Mobile Classic Game CatSpin Now Available On Google Play Store

“Our hero’s name is Neko. His cool hat might make him a bit mysterious, but it’s just something random that he found when dreaming of all of this. says the official trailer: “After running and playing all day, Neko goes home to rest. Soon he dreams of a world full of lucky coins and he wants to collect them all! ”

The main goal of the game is to collect enough coins to open the door to the next level. Players can control not only the hero Neko but also rotate the level itself. Depending on the direction of rotation of the level, obstacles can hurt or help Neko to progress further.

The game uses virtual buttons and accelerometer controls.

There are some slight changes to the Android version compared to the original. The whole match was made more difficult. Five additional levels have been added, the game now has 55 levels in total. Levels also have new puzzle elements, menu adjustments, and new background animations. There are also some small bug fixes.