Black Mesa: Xen Is In Steam’s Early Access Program

Black Mesa: Xen Is In Steam’s Early Access Program

The first-person shooter space is booming right now. It’s usually the kind of benchmark for developers looking to make an instant splash. It’s nice – however – when a game in this arena takes a different approach to first-person shooter action. This is certainly the case with Black Mesa: Xen, the recreation by fans of Half-Life.

Fans who love this series can celebrate because the game is now completely over, even though it’s still in Steam’s Early Access program. So you can expect a few bugs and problems here and there – but they will be fixed in the not too distant future. If you are looking for a unique shooting experience or if you are a fan of the Half-Life franchise, then this is an incredible pickup.

The solo part is a real gem, with more than 15 hours of content. There is a lot to see and do. You will enjoy an enriched experience thanks to the incredible voice-overs and the updated graphics. Black Mesa: Xen Is In Steam’s Early Access Program, But The Full Version Is Now Playable There are also new Xen chapters in which you will have the pleasure of diving head first, with intriguing twists and turns that will put you on the edge of your seat. The surroundings and the soundtrack also do a great job of immersing yourself in the tradition.

Once you’ve completed the solo action, you can head to multiplayer and enjoy two separate modes. If you’re a Half-Life veteran, you’ll appreciate seeing iconic maps. These include Gasworks, Crossfire and Undertow. Fighting against friends is always fun.

If you’re looking for even more original experiences, Black Mesa: Xen has a workshop system that pretty much lets you create your own mods. That is true. There is a game that welcomes them from the community. It is quite rare for developers to give players the freedom to change things according to their own preferences. It just shows that the developers of Crowbar Collective are determined to provide fans of the Half-Life series with the best possible experiences.