Bill Maher Trashes Coronavirus ‘Overreaction’

Bill Maher Trashes Coronavirus ‘Overreaction’

In a recent episode of Real Time With Bill Maher, the host of the popular television show shared his sincere thoughts on the alleged overreaction to the coronavirus in addition to the brutal dismissal of former Hardball host Chris Matthews.

Variety claims that the host launched his rant by declaring that one of his close friends had been dismissed, adding that he would be missed, like many other people. According to Bill, MSNBC has changed dramatically over the years. Bill Maher Trashes Coronavirus ‘Overreaction’ And Chris Matthews Firing

He claimed that their attitude was once shameless, however, now they have chosen to fire people who do not act properly for a week. The host added that he thought “this culture of cancellation is the cancer of progressivism”. Matthews said on Monday that he was retiring and apologized for making remarks to the women on the show.

Last week, a reporter wrote an opinion piece accusing Matthews of making her uncomfortable during a 2016 meeting on the show. She then cited a few other examples to prove her point of view regarding other women.

According to Maher, Matthew has sometimes been scary over the years, but he sympathized with him saying that guys like him have been married for many years and they just want
Maher then joked about Laura Bassett, the woman who wrote the play, sarcastically thanking her and calling her “Rosa Parks”. He joked, “Is she a victim of a compliment or a survivor of a compliment?” After switching from the #MeToo topic, Maher continued to mock the reaction to the coronavirus