amron Hall Shares Photos Of Herself

amron Hall Shares Photos Of Herself

Tamron Hall is a happy, hard-working mom who often posts adorable photos of her son, Moses, whom she shares with her husband Steve Greener.

This week, the Texas media personality delighted his Instagram followers with a sweet photo of baby Moses with his pair of shoes – and he hates them.

Hall explained, “What is it?” Uh, this shoe doesn’t work! Ten months and he is the spiritual animal of mom. Child of the countryside, no shoes as long as possible! #mosesandmama. Launch them. #Luling in our blood. Tamron Hall Shares Photos Of Herself As A Baby With Her First Shoes And Did The Same With Her Son, Moses — Fans Are In Love With All The Cuteness

To prove his point, Hall posted a photo of his first pair of and said, “Flashback on Friday. I guess i wore shoes like a baby lol. At least on a photo. See Yall on Monday all new live shows @tamronhallshow #tamfam #babytamron #fbf #mosesandmama. ”

Fans love do

This disciple wrote: “Awe, he is adorable! These shoes seem to be on the wrong feet, but I’m sure they are not. Absolutely adorable, he grows so fast and already looks like a big boy 😍😍😍
It’s a good piece of baby – Munk! It is the cutest !!! God bless him.”
Another tipster replied: “Tamron, your shoe set is still in shape, you know these are not shoes… and apparently the same goes for Moses 😂 #nofoolingthiskid Of course, he wants these Crocs to be extinct !!! Better to be barefoot than in Crocs🤣😂. “