A Free Multiplayer Mode Was Added

A Free Multiplayer Mode Was Added

Rhythm and VR games seem to go hand in hand as the digital world is full of opportunities to fully immerse yourself in rhythm. Synth Riders is no exception, but it has added missing functionality in several other such games. Since the last update, Synth Riders has acquired multiplayer functionality that allows you to fight against up to five other rail masters.

Synth Riders is an action, dance, rhythm and virtual reality experience that will bring music to your ears in a whole new way. Feel the music through your body as you swing your arms and step onto the unique rail system built into the game. As the music progresses, you will feel yourself moving through carefully crafted maps immersing yourself fully in the Synth Riders experience.

The game comes with music and moves with a leaderboard that allows you to rank yourself against other players. What makes this game unique is its multiplayer mode, which pits you against other opponents in a live dance battle simulation. A Free Multiplayer Mode Was Added To The Popular Rhythm Game Synth Riders Alongside Some Other Minor Tweaks

This rhythm-based challenge has simple rules to follow and teaches you slowly. It not only provides great training at the end of a game, but also lets you create your own dance and style to meet the challenge.

The modding community is actively creating new challenges for gamers to overcome, and with 32 songs pre-loaded into the game by the best of synthwave and electro-rock artists, there are tons of content in this deceptively small package.

This game requires the use of a virtual reality headset and associated equipment. The immersion can be moved even deeper into the game with full body tracking, allowing you to fully control your avatar and move around in a digital landscape.

The multiplayer update allows up to five cross-platform players to meet in a lobby and chat. They can compete to get the highest score on a particular song, and the difficulty can be increased by selecting tons of modifiers.